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2018 Candidate & Ballot Information


Last Updated May 19, 2018 @ 5:00 pm


Notice & Candidate Guide for 2018:

2018 Notice

State of Utah Candidate Manual


State Candidates
Utah Senate - See vote.utah.gov for State candidate contact info

Name Office Party Date Filed/Status
Christian Burridge Senate 11 Dem General Election
Dan McCay Senate 11 Rep General Election
Keith Grover Senate 15 Rep General Election
Lee D. Houghton Senate 15 United Utah General Election
Tommy Williams Senate 15 Ind American General Election
Utah House - See vote.utah.gov for State candidate contact info
Jefferson R. Moss House 2 Rep General Election
Tyler Allred House 2 Dem General Election
Cory Maloy House 6 Rep General Election
Jared Carman House 27 Rep Primary
Brady Brammer House 27 Rep Primary
Elisabeth Luntz House 27 Dem General Election
Joseph Geddes Buchman House 27 Libertarian General Election
Curt Crosby House 27 Ind American General Election
Keven J. Stratton House 48 Rep General Election
Aaron Heineman House 48 Ind American General Election
Kay J. Christofferson House 56 Rep General Election
Isaac Walters House 56 United Utah General Election
Jon Hawkins House 57 Rep Primary
Hillary Stirling House 57 United Utah General Election
Alexander Carter House 57 Rep Primary
Val L. Peterson House 59 Rep General Election
Gregory Hmura House 59 Ind American General Election
Brad Daw House 60 Rep General Election
Alan F. Keele House 60 Dem General Election
Parl Johnson House 61 Rep Primary
Eric Chase House 61 United Utah General Election
Marsha Judkins House 61 Rep Primary
Matt Styles House 61 Green General Election
Adam Robertson House 63 Rep General Election
Norm Thurston House 64 Rep General Election
Daniel Craig Friend House 64 Dem General Election
Hal Miller House 64 United Utah General Election
Francis D. Gibson House 65 Rep General Election
Sue A. Womack House 65 Dem General Election
Mike McKell House 66 Rep General Election
Paul Jones Dayton House 66 Dem General Election
Marc Roberts House 67 Rep General Election
Kirk D. Pearson House 68 Constitution General Election
Merrill Nelson House 68 Rep General Election
Warren Rogers House 68 Ind American General Election
Denyse Housley Cox House 68 Libertarian General Election
Merle Travis Wall House 68 Dem General Election
State School Board - See vote.utah.gov for State candidate contact info
Cindy Davis District 9 Primary
Joylin Lincoln District 9 Primary
Kami Alvarez District 9 Primary
Avalie Muhlestein District 9 Primary
Filed County Candidates
David O. Leavitt Attorney Rep Primary
Chad Grunander Attorney Rep Primary
W. Andrew McCullough Attorney Libertarian General Election
Jason Christensen Clerk/Auditor Ind American General Election
Amelia Powers Clerk/Auditor Rep General Election
Commission A
Teri McCabe Commission A United Utah General Election
Tanner Ainge Commission A Rep Primary
Tom Sakievich Commission A Rep Primary
Commission B
Bill Lee Commission B Rep General Election
Jeanne Bowen Commission B Dem General Election
Jim Phelps Sheriff Rep Primary
Mike Smith Sheriff Rep Primary
Filed Local School Board
Audrey Barton Alpine 1 General Election
Julie King Alpine 1 General Election
Carla Merrill Alpine 2 General Election
Amber L. Bonner Alpine 2 General Election
Kara Sherman Alpine 3 Primary
Sarah Beeson Alpine 3 Primary
'Afa K. Palu Alpine 3 Primary
Due to the late withdrawl of Mike Morrell there will be no Primary Election in Alpine 5. Any votes cast in this race will not be counted.
Ada Wilson Alpine 5 Primary
Seth Marble Alpine 5 Primary
Mike Morrell Alpine 5 Primary
Kristen Betts Nebo 2 General Election
Scott P. Card Nebo 2 General Election
Rick B. Ainge Nebo 4 Primary
Drew Daniels Nebo 4 Primary
Larry Ballard Nebo 4 Primary
Shanon M. Acor Nebo 5 General Election
Nate Bryson Provo 1 General Election
Melanie Hall Provo 2 General Election
Paul R. Warner Provo 2 General Election
McKay R. Jensen Provo 3 General Election
Jennifer Partridge Provo 4 General Election


Utah County Candidates who filed intent to gather signature forms


State House
Name Party Office Status
Brady Brammer Rep House 27 Qualified for Primary
Mark N Bair Rep House 27 Did not submit signatures
Kevin Stratton Rep House 48 Did not submit signatures
Brian Greene Rep House 57 Did not submit signatures
Jon Hawkins Rep House 57 Qualified for Primary
Val L. Peterson Rep House 59 Did not submit signatures
Mary L. Warner Rep House 64 Did not submit signatures
Norm Thurston Rep House 64 Did not submit signatures
Francis D. Gibson Rep House 65 Qualified for Primary
Mike McKell Rep House 66 Did not submit signatures
Merrill Nelson Rep House 68 Did not submit signatures
State Senate
Delaina Tonks Rep Senate 11 Did not submit signatures
Paul Wayman Rep Senate 11 Did not submit signatures
LaVar Christensen Rep Senate 11 Did not submit signatures
Keith Grover Rep Senate 15 Qualified for Primary
Emily Ellsworth Rep Senate 15 Did not submit signatures
Chad Grunander Rep Attorney Did not submit signatures
Tanner Ainge Rep Commission A Qualified for Primary
Russell L Billings Rep Commission A Did not submit signatures
James D Ashman Rep Commission A Did not submit signatures
James A Dixon Rep Commission A Did not submit signatures
Karen Ellingson Rep Commission A Did not submit signatures
Nannette Wride Rep Commission B Did not submit signatures
Jim Phelps Rep Sheriff Qualified for Primary
Darin Durfey Rep Sheriff Additional Signatures Needed
Mike Smith Rep Sheriff Qualified for Primary


Notice/Listing of 2018 State, State Legislative, State School Board and County Races


Federal Offices
Office Countie(s)
Filing Fee
U.S. Senate State-Wide
U.S. House Districts 3 & 4
State Senate & House
Senate 7 & 14 Utah
Senate 13 Salt Lake & Utah
Senate 16 Utah & Wasatch
Senate 24 Beaver, Garfield, Juab, Kane, Millard, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, Utah & Wayne
Senate 27 Carbon, Emery, Grand, San Juan, Utah & Wasatch
House 2, 6, 27, 48, 56, 57, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 65, 66 & 67 Utah
House 68 Beaver, Juab, Millard, Tooele, Utah
State School Board
District 9  
District 14  
Utah County
County Commission A County-Wide
County Commission B County-Wide
County Attorney County-Wide
County Clerk/Auditor County-Wide
County Sheriff County-Wide



Notice/Listing of 2018 Local School Board Races (Non-Partisan)


Alpine School District
Filing Fee
Districts 1, 2, 3, 5
Nebo School District
Districts 2, 4, 5
Provo School District
District 1, 2, 3, 4