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Bid No: Bid Name Description Open Date - Close Date Awarded Vendor
2018-10 Economic Development Consultant Utah County is seeking proposals from professional firms for Economic Development Services. The County’s Economic Development Program shall be managed and conducted by the Contractor and shall provide for the promotion and development of activities relating generally to increasing employment and private sector capital investment in Utah County. Utah County has set aside $140,000 annually for its Economic Development Program, and respondents should present proposals to fit within that budget. 3/8/2018 - 3/29/2018
2018-9 Salem Parkway Roadway Design Utah County is seeking proposals from engineering firms to demonstrate qualifications, experience, and proposed approach for design and engineering services to prepare construction documents for the new roadway construction, its associated intersections, and drainage improvements of what will be known as Salem Parkway, as well as the extension of the existing street known as 400 North in Salem City. The new roadway is located between SR-198 on the south and SR-164 on the north, within the city limits of Salem. The Engineer will be required to implement into their design the terms and conditions specified by permit number SPK-2009-01357 issued by the Department of the Army and its supporting documents. Note: There is a MANDATORY pre-bid meeting on March 7th at 2:00 at the Utah County Public Works building: 2855 S State St., Provo, Utah. Details found on the SciQuest website. 2/27/2018 - 3/21/2018

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Bids and proposals should be made through the SciQuest (JAGGAER) website.

Bid packets containing all specifications and requirements are also available from the office of the Purchasing Manager.


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