America's Freedom Festival Patch

Do the following three (3) activities:

____ 1. Attend a Freedom Festival Activity with your scout group or family.

____ 2. Write a two page essay on freedom and discuss it with your scout group or family.

____ 3. Participate in or attend a Flag Raising Ceremony.

Choose four (4) of the following activities:

____ 1. Wear your uniform to Freedom Festival Activities.

____ 2. Visit a veterans' memorial and discuss veteran' contributions to our freedom.

____ 3. Volunteer to help with at least on of America's Freedom Festival Activities.

____ 4. List the names of three (3) people you think are good citizens. Tell why you chose each of them.

____ 5. Why is it important to have laws? Why should you obey laws? Tell about three (3) laws you obeyed this week. How do laws contribute to our freedom?

____ 6. Write a short story of 100 words or more about a person who has contributed to our freedom.

____ 7. Explain why you should respect your country's flag. Tell some of the special days you should fly a flag. Tell when to salute the flag and show how to do it.

____ 8. Describe the flag of the United States and write a short history of it. Show the proper way to hoist and lower the flag, how to hang it horizontally and vertically on a wall, and how to fold it.

____ 9. Name two "Freedom Award Winners". Explain why they were honored.

Date Completed:

Leader or Parent Signature:

Unit Name and Number:

Patches are available through the Scout Shop at the Utah National Parks Council, 748 North 1340 West, Orem, Utah 84057, (801) 221-1008.