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Jeffery D. Smith

Utah Salt Flats
Annexation Map Checklist

  1. Check Name. There cannot be another annexation by that same name in the county.

  2. Check Signatures on plat submitted.
    • Surveyor
    • Legislative Body (implied)
    • Recorder - To attest to the legislative body approval

  3. Seals (see item 2)
    • Surveyor
    • Recorder

Each annexation recorded in Utah County is required to have each of the following 4 items as stated in 10-2-425 UCA :

1) Notice of impending boundary action
2) Certificate of annexation
3) Approved final local entity plat
4) Certified copy of the ordinance approving annexation

For Your Information

  1. Boundary adjustments. City boundaries between two or more adjacent municipalities may be adjusted. Map only with surveyor and legislative body and clerk signature and seal. (10-2-419 UCA)

  2. Problems or legal questions - refer the City Recorder or Town Clerk to their attorney, the County Clerk/Auditor 801-851-8247 or County Public Works 801-851-8602.