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Condominium Checklist

Updated August 2011

  1. Map, with original signatures, must have Declarations with it. (Record simultaneously, however our office records the plat first then the declarations) 57-8-13(1)(a); 57-8-12-(1) UCA

  2. Map must contain:

    a. Signature of Utah Licenced Land Surveyor: 57-8-13(1);
    57-8-13(1)(b) UCA
    b. Signatures & acknowledgments of owners of record: 57-8-10(8)(a) UCA
    c. Surveyors certificate: Needs to have condominium language and refer to the provisions of section 57-8-13(1)(b) of the Utah Condominium Ownership Act.
    d. Approval of Legislative Body: 57-8-35 UCA
    e. Description of perimeter of project: 57-8-13(1)(a) UCA
    f. Location and dimensions of units: 57-8-13(1)(a)(i)(ii)(iii);
    57-8-10(2)(a)(ii) UCA
    g. Elevations: 57-8-13(1)(a)(iii) UCA
    h. Units must each have a distinguishing number or symbol:
    57-8-13(1)(a)(v); 57-8-3(27) UCA
    i. Easements (if feasible) 57-8-13-(1)(a)(iv) UCA

  3. Declaration must contain:
    a. Description of the perimeter of project: 57-8-10(2)(a)(I) UCA
    b. Undivided interest each unit has in the common area: 57-8-7;
    57-8-10(2)(d)(I) UCA
    c. Executed and acknowledged by all record holders: 57-8-10(8)(a) UCA

  4. Addresses for all units should be on plat.

For Your Information

  1. A condominium may have language in the declaration that will allow it to be:

    a. Expandable (this is very common): 57-8-3(16), 57-8-10(4), 57-8-13(2), 57-8-13(6) UCA. This requires a new plat and amended declarations
    to show the new percent interest in the common area and the description of the remaining expandable lands.
    b. Contractible: 57-8-3(11); 57-8-13(8); 57-8-10(5) UCA
    c. Convertible: 57-8-3 (12,13); 57-8-10(3); 57-8-13(2) UCA

  2. Removal of property from statutory provision (Filing an affidavit of withdrawal).

    a. Requires consent of all unit owners: 57-8-7(2); 57-8-22(1) UCA
    b. Requires that holders of liens affecting any of the units, consent or agree by instrument duly recorded that their liens be transferred to the percent interest of the unit owner in the property. 57-8-22(1) UCA
    c. After removal from statutory provision the property will be owned in common by the unit owners. 57-8-22(2) UCA

  3. Code specifies that the plat can be 21" x 31", smaller than the D size used for subdivisions. 57-8-13(1) UCA

  4. Actual location of the constructed building to take precedence over the mapped location: 57-8-13(4) UCA

  5. Declaration may be amended. USC - 57-8-39 UCA