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Subdivision Checklist

Last update : August, 2011

  1. A subdivision name that is distinct. 10-9a-603(1)(a); 17-27a-603(1)(a) UCA

  2. Tax clearance for land must be proven. 10-9a-603(3); 17-27a-603(3) UCA

  3. Required signatures on plat.
    a. Licensed land surveyor. 10-9a-603(4)(b)(i); 17-27a-603(4)(b)(i) UCA
    b. Owner of record. 10-9a-603(4)(a)(i); 17-27a-603(4)(a)(i) UCA
    Names must be printed on plat. 17-21-25; 10-9a-603(4)(i)(ii) UCA
    c. Notary. 10-9a-603(4)(a)(ii); 17-27a-603(4)(a)(ii); 46-1-16 UCA
    d. Legislative body. 10-9a-603(2) UCA
    e. Clerk. 10-9a-603(2) UCA
    f. City Engineer. (Optional - if necessary, by local ordinance). 10-9a-603(2) UCA

  4. Seals required.
    a. Surveyor. 10-9a-603(4)(b); 17-27a-603(4)(b) UCA
    b. Notary. (Not necessary if notary signs in permanent ink, printed notary's full name and commission number, the words, "A notary public commissioned in Utah," and the expiration date of the notary's commission). 46-1-16(6) UCA
    c. Clerk. 10-9a-603(2) UCA
    d. City Engineer. (Optional - if necessary by local ordinance). 10-9a-603(2) UCA

  5. Dates.
    a. Owner's dedication. 10-9a-603(4)(a)(i), 17-27a-603(4)(a)(i) UCA
    b. Notary. 10-9a-603(4)(a)(ii); 17-27a-603(4)(a)(ii); 46-1-16 UCA
    c. Legislative approval. 10-9a-603(2) UCA

  6. Lot, unit, block, building references. Also, addresses for each lot or unit.
    10-9a-603(1)(c), 17-27a-603(1)(c) UCA

  7. Compare graphic representation against surveyor's boundary description for accuracy. 10-9a-603(1)(b); 17-27a-603(1)(b) UCA

  8. Is the person signing the owner's dedication also the owner of record? 10-9a-603(4)(a)(i); 17-27a-603(4)(a)(i); 17-21-21 UCA

  9. Compare with surrounding parcels to see if any of them conflict with the subdivision. This is to provide the city with the information only so that they can correct the conflict if they so choose, ie., existing overlap vs. creating an overlap. COUNTY WILL CORRESPOND WITH CITY PERSONNEL ONLY.

  10. There must be boundaries, course, and dimensions of the parcels of ground.
    10-9a-603(1)(b); 17-27a-603(1)(b) UCA

  11. Streets or other public areas must be clearly defined. 10-9a-603(1)(b);
    17-27a-603(1)(b) UCA

  12. The following are not required by code, but make for a more understandable map.
    a. Scale of map.
    b. Vicinity map.

For Your Information

  1. Map must show existing R/W and easement grants of record for underground utilities. 10-9a-603(4)(A)(B)(C); 17-27a-603(4)(A)(B)(C) UCA

  2. Exemptions from plat requirements. 17-27a-605 UCA

  3. Lot line adjustments can occur without the filing of an amended subdivision plat if certain criteria are met. 17-27a-608 UCA

  4. Vacating or amending of a subdivision plat. 17-27a-608 UCA

  5. Dedication of streets. 17-27a-607 UCA