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Kim Jackson, Treasurer

Utah Salt Flats
Utah County Treasurer Allocation of Tax Dollars

The County Treasurer is required to bill, collect, invest, safeguard and disburse revenue from property tax collections. We do this on behalf of approximately 46 taxing entities. These include our three school districts, the local cities, the county, special service districts, and redevelopment agencies within the geographical borders of Utah County. Each entity is governed by law in their expending of these funds. Specific questions regarding the individual entities expenditures should be addressed to the respective taxing entity. We have provided the address and telephone number for each.

School Districts

  • Alpine School District  575 North 100 East, American Fork  801-756-8480
  • Nebo School District   350 South Main, Spanish Fork   801-354-7400
  • Provo School District   280 West 940 North, Provo    801-374-4824


City Address Phone Number
Alpine 20 North Main 801-756-6347
American Fork 75 E 80 North
Cedar Fort 155 North Church 801-768-3608
Cedar Hills 3925 W Cedar Hills Dr 801-785-9668
Draper 1020 Pioneer Rd 801-576-6514
Eagle Mountain 1680 E Heritage Dr 801-789-2888
Elk Ridge 80 Park Dr 801-423-2300
Genola 74 West 800 South 801-754-5300
Goshen 10 West Main 801-667-9910
Highland 5400 West Civic Center Drive #1 801-756-5751
Lehi 153 North 100 East 801-768-7100
Lindon 100 North State Street 801-785-5043
Mapleton 35 E Maple 801-489-5655
Orem 56 North State 801-229-7009
Payson 439 W Utah Ave 801-465-5200
Pleasant Grove 70 South 100 East 801-785-5045
Provo 351 W Center 801-852-6503
Salem 30 West 100 South 801-423-2770
Santaquin 45 West 100 South 801-754-3211
Saratoga Springs 1307 N Commerce Drive Ste. 200 801-766-9793
Spanish Fork 40 South Main 801-798-5000
Springville 50 South Main 801-489-2708
Vineyard 240 E Gammon Rd 801-226-1929
Woodland Hills 20 Valley View Wy 801-423-1962

Utah County - 100 East Center Street, Provo  801-851-8229

This is a County Wide levy which funds the general operation of county government. This includes health services, county wide jail services, aging services, prosecution of criminals, jail bonds, regional park and recreation services etc.

Multi County Assessing and Collection
Utah State Tax Commission  1-800-662-4335

This uniform, state-wide levy is mandated by the Legislature to promote adequate funding for assessing and collection functions, on an equitable basis, to all counties of the state at a minimally acceptable level. Utah County contributes a portion of this revenue to a multi-county fund for distribution to counties which cannot generate the minimum level of funding.

Local Assessing and Collection
Utah County  100 East Center Provo   801-851-8229

This optional levy funds the additional costs of assessing and collecting functions, including reappraisal, within Utah County which are not covered by revenue generated from the Multi-County Assessing & Collecting Levy.

Central Utah Water Conservancy
355 West University Parkway Orem   801-226-7100

This county wide levy funds Utah County residents' share of the local participation requirement for the federally funded Central Utah Water Project. The District represents the citizens of a 10-county area in administration, sale, and delivery of water for the Central Utah Project (CUP), as well as the operation and maintenance of the CUP facilities. Water developed by the CUP is used for municipal, industrial, irrigation, hydroelectric power, fish, wildlife, conservation and recreation purposes.

Special Service Districts

This levy funds the general operation of special districts created for the purpose of providing within the area of the service district any of the following services or any combination of them: water, sewerage, drainage, flood control, garbage, health care, transportation, recreation, fire protection, street lighting and consolidated 911 and emergency dispatch.

Name Address Phone
Benjamin Cemetery 7678 S 3200 W Spanish Fork 801-489-5663
Draper 12441 South 900 East Draper 801-576-6514
Jordan Valley Water Conservancy 8215 South 1300 West West Jordan 801-565-8903
Lehi Metro Water District 74 East 300 South Lehi 801-225-6080
North Fork Fire & Water RR #3 Box B-1 Sundance 801-225-7263
North Utah County Water Conservancy 75 North Center American Fork 801-756-7039
Orem Metro Water District 955 North 900 West Orem 801-221-0837
Service Area 6, 7, 8, and or 9 Utah County 100 E Center Provo 801-851-8229
Soldier Summit Service Area Utah County 100 E Center Provo 801-851-8229
South Valley Sewer District 874 East 12400 South Draper 801-571-1166
Traverse Ridge Financial Director 1020 Pioneer Road Draper 801-576-6519


Judgment Levy Utah County  100 E Center Street  801-226-7100

An optional additional levy to recover current revenue shortages due to refunds for prior years ordered as a result of a successful appeal of values through the Utah State Tax Commission.