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May We Email You Your Tax Notice?



Each year the Utah County Treasurer must, by law, mail a Property Tax Notice to each property owner in Utah County.  The law allows the Tax Notice to be emailed if requested by the property owner or owner agent.

Having your Tax Notice emailed to you has many benefits.  It reduces the use of paper, saves processing time and postage costs, and results in faster delivery.

If you would like to have your Tax Notice emailed to you, click the link below.  We'll ask you a few questions and sign you up!  You will need the property serial number and the pin for each property.  These are located on your Property Valuation Notice.

Please note that the deadline to receive current year tax notices is October 1. If you sign up after October 1, you will still receive your notice by mail for the current year but will receive all following year tax notices by email.

*Notice - exempt properties do not receive tax notices.


Yes I'd like my Tax Notice emailed to Me!