Utah County Government
County Government

County government is established to serve the local needs of the people or rural areas outside incorporated cities. Counties may levy and collect taxes, conduct elections, enforce laws, purchase and control property, erect buildings necessary for the use of the county, provide for public health and welfare, provide fire protection, license businesses and trades, establish and maintain schools and libraries and record property mortgages, deeds and other legal documents.

Our county government is headed by a board of county commissioners, consisting of three commissioners. One commissioner is elected the same year as the President of the United States. The other two commissioners are elected on the alternating election. Each commissioner is elected for a four-year term. One of the three commissioners is chosen chairperson. The board is responsible for all county officers and departments. They are full-time commissioners who meet with the public and county department officials. They also serve on various committees and boards which serve the residents of Utah County. Our Commissioners are :




There are also nine other elected officials. They are elected for four year terms. The following are the nine offices:


The County Assessor determines the value of properties for the purpose of taxation.


The County Attorney is the County Legal Officer. He represents the County in all court cases and performs legal duties for the county.


The County Auditor investigates all financial claims against the county and pays the bills. He or she examines the financial bonds kept by the other county officials to see that accurate and complete records are maintained. As County Clerk, he or she is in charge of the records of the county. He or she
processes marriage licenses and passports and also conducts all elections in Utah county pertaining to county, state or national offices.




The County Recorder keeps the official records of the county, recording mortgages, deeds, and other documents involving property. The Recorder also maintains up-to-date maps which show current ownership of every section of land.


The County Sheriff is the law enforcement officer in the county and is responsible for the preservation of the peace. The Sheriff and deputies make arrests and prepare legal papers for Sheriff's sale. The Sheriff also oversees the County Jail.


The County Surveyor identifies and protects the section corner monuments that define record title (real property) interests. Through that process he helps to protect property rights. His office also acts as a depository for all records of survey and is responsible for performing survey work for Utah County.


The County Treasurer collects taxes and other monies due to the county. The Treasurer is also in charge of taxing all property and turns over property with delinquent taxes of more than five years to be sold.

Other County Departments

  • Agriculture Inspection

    The Agriculture Inspection Agency is a Utah state consumer protection agency which works in cooperation with Utah County for the benefit of Utah County citizens who use agricultural and food related products.

  • Animal Control

    The Utah County Animal Control is located in South Provo and serves the surrounding areas of Utah County.

  • Bookmobile

    The Utah County Bookmobile provides popular current reading material to the residents of Utah County and thereby encourage the enjoyment of reading among all ages. The Bookmobile visits Birdseye, Santaquin, Lakeview, Springdell, Goshen, Genola, Spring Lake, Salem, Elk Ridge, Alpine, Cedar Fort, Cedar Pass, White Hills, Fairfield, Palmyra, Leland, and stops along the highways and in Spanish Fork Canyon. The fixed facility serves as the community library for Mapleton.

  • Children's Justice Center

    The Children's Justice Center is a homelike facility which serves children and families who are experiencing the crisis and chaos that comes with the disclosure of significant physical or sexual abuse of a child.

  • Community Development

    The Community Development Department provides the following services: Applications to the Utah County Planning Commission for General Plan amendments, zone text amendments, Zone Map changes, land subdivisions, conditional uses and waiver of subdivision requirement/record of survey maps.; Applications to the Utah County Board of Adjustment for variances, special exceptions, alleged errors; Applications for business licensing; Unincorporated property addresses; Applications for building permits and building inspection services; and, Enforcement of zoning ordinance regulations and construction code requirements.

  • County Fair

    Utah County Fair

  • Fire Marshal

    The Utah County Fire Marshal responsibilities are to enforce currently adopted fire codes and Utah County fire prevention ordinances; to provide technical assistance for any emergency situations throughout Utah County. Fire inspection of all business facilities within unincorporated Utah County for compliance to these adopted fire codes on a yearly basis.

    The Fire Marshal is also the primary arson investigator for fires within unincorporated Utah County and assists other cities within Utah County on fire investigations. Reviews and approves all building plans, sprinkler plans, propane plans and burn permits for compliance to adopted codes.

  • Foster Grandparents / Senior Companions

    Volunteer Senior Citizens work under the supervision of trained professional staff in order to provide assistance, support, love and companionship to elderly adults to enable them to live independently and to children or teens with special or exceptional needs in daycare/preschool settings, public schools, BOCES centers, development centers, and residential treatment centers.

  • Housing Authority of Utah County

    The Housing Authority of Utah County provides housing assistance to persons who meet program income guidelines. Income limits vary by program. The Housing Authority also provides affordable, safe and sanitary housing in the community. The Department of Housing and Urban Development furnishes the major funding. The Housing Authority is a political subdivision of the State of Utah.

  • Health Department

    The Utah County Health Department seeks to prevent avoidable disease and injury, and promote health by monitoring the health of the community, and assuring conditions in which people can be healthy.

  • Information Systems

    The Information Systems department provides technology support to all Utah County government agencies. This support includes acquisition, deployment and management of computer-based workstations, software applications, local and wide-area network infrastructure, security, and information use policy.

  • Justice Court

    The Utah County Justice Court is established by Utah County and has the authority to deal with class B and C misdemeanors, violations of ordinances, small claims, and infractions committed within County jurisdiction.

  • Personnel

    The Personnel Office provides full Human Resource services including payroll for approximately 1,000 Utah County employees.

  • Public Works

    The Utah County Public Works Department is a multi-service Department within County government operating in the areas of Administration, Buildings, Engineering, Mapping, Motor Pool, Parks, Roads, Special Projects, Surveying and Telecommunications.

  • USU Extension Service/4-H

    USU Cooperative Extension is your link to Utah State University. Cooperative Extension delivers research-based education and information to Utahns. These educational programs are delivered via a variety of methods and are offered through a federal, state and county partnership arrangement. USU Cooperative Extension has offices located in nearly every Utah county to provide unbiased research-based educational programs to enhance the quality of life of Utahns.