Utah County Attorney

Utah County Historic Courthouse
Welcome to the Utah County Attorney's Office Administration

Mission Statement:

The County Attorney's Office protects Utah County by vigorously prosecuting and investigating crime, compassionately assisting crime victims, and by providing the highest quality legal representation to Utah County Government.

Our Duties:

  1. We prosecute essentially all FELONY level crimes that occur in Utah County.
  2. We prosecute all misdemeanor crimes that occur within Utah County -- but outside the boundaries of any incorporated city.
  3. We prosecute all juvenile crimes that occur in Utah County, excepting minor traffic offenses.
  4. For cases that we prosecute we provide victim assistance services.
  5. We advise and assist all Utah County police agencies in their criminal investigations.
  6. We conduct a few criminal investigations. For information about what we do and do not investigate, please visit this page : Report a Crime.
  7. We provide legal advice and representation to Utah County Government officials and departments.
  8. We handle all claims filed against Utah County Government.

What We Do Not Do:

Investigate Crimes: With very few exceptions (refer to Report a Crime) we do not investigate crimes or take reports that a crime was committed. If you have been a victim of a crime that you want to report, please contact your local police department, their phone number's are listed here.

Receive Complaints About Police Officers or Agencies: If you have evidence that a police officer has done something improper you should report that evidence to that officer's sergeant, lieutenant, captain or chief. Every police agency has procedures to properly investigate and, if necessary, take action when an officer has acted improperly. If you believe an officer has committed a crime you should contact your local police department or the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

Give Legal Advice: Even though we are attorneys for the County, our role does not include providing legal advice to the public. If you have legal questions you should contact a private attorney. You can also contact the Utah State Bar for a referral or you can contact Utah Legal Services.