Utah County Historic Courthouse
Welcome to the Utah County Attorney's Office Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is responsible for the prosecution or adjudication of crimes that occur in Utah County. The Criminal Division consists of the Chief Deputy and five trial teams. The Chief Deputy oversees the operations and personnel of the Criminal Division and reports to the County Attorney. Trial teams prosecute criminal cases in the Utah County Justice Court, in the district and appellate courts, and prosecute criminal or delinquency matters in the juvenile courts. Trial teams also act as liaisons and provide advice on criminal matters to Utah County law enforcement agencies. A trial team consists of a Supervising Attorney (the Chief Deputy also manages one trial team), prosecutors, legal assistants and may include a paralegal and victim/witness coordinator(s). Supervising Attorneys oversee the operations and personnel of a trial team and report to the Chief Deputy.

Statutorily, the County Attorney derives his prosecution authority as follows :

  • Prosecute on behalf of the state all public offenses committed within the county, except for prosecutions undertaken by city attorneys. UCA 17-18-1
  • Prosecute for the state in the juvenile court of the county in any proceeding involving delinquency. UCA 17-18-1
  • Prosecute before the court any person charged with abuse, neglect, or contributing to the delinquency or dependency of a juvenile. UCA 17-18-1
  • Call attention to any defect in the operation of the laws and suggest amendments to correct the defect. UCA 17-18-1

Stated differently, the Criminal Division has the following duties:

  1. Prosecute all felony level crimes that occur in Utah County
  2. Prosecute all misdemeanor crimes that occur within Utah County - but outside the boundaries of any incorporated city
  3. Prosecute all juvenile crimes that occur in Utah County, excepting minor traffic offenses
  4. Provide victim assistance services for cases prosecuted by the office
  5. Advise and assist all Utah County police agencies in their criminal investigations