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Utah County Children's Justice Center
Child Mentor Programs and Volunteers

The Child Mentor Program is designed to provide support to children who have been through child abuse investigations. A Child Mentor's role is to be a friend, a positive influence, and a reliable and consistent presence in the life of a child. Mentors are assigned a child to work with one-on-one, on a weekly basis, for six months. Mentors are encouraged to participate in fun and healthy activities with the child. Going to story-hour at the public library, getting an ice cream cone, or going roller-skating are some of the things the mentor and child may do together.

The point is to have fun and be ready to listen. As a mentor, you are in a position to let the child know that you are there for them if they need help. As a friend, you are in a position to let them know that someone really cares.

We also need volunteers who can give two to four hours weekly to help children at the CJC. If you are interested in becoming a Child Mentor or a CJC onsite volunteer, please contact:

Victim Assistance Coordinator

New mentors are required to attend 40 hours of volunteer training and pass a background check. Trainings are held three times per year in the months of February, May and September.