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Bryan Thompson

Internal Audit


Purpose & Scope


The Internal Audit staff of the Utah County Clerk/Auditor's Office conducts internal audits of departments within Utah County. This is done to provide the transparency and accountability needed to ensure the legal and efficient use of taxpayer funds.

Audit reports are generated from this work. These reports are tools for the Public, Elected Officials and Departments to assess the efficiency of operations. These reports will be made available below as they become available.   


Auditor Tips - Report Waste, Fraud & Abuse


County staff and the public can play an important role in identifying potential waste. If you come across something that seems like it needs to be looked into please let us know.

All tips provided will be confidential. 

Please use the email button below or call us us at the number given below to start the process.




(801) 851-8032 - you may also leave a message at this number

All tips provided will be handled on a confidential basis.