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Utah County Health Department
Division of Environmental Health
151 S. University Ave., Suite 2600
Provo, Utah 84601
Telephone: 801-851-7525   Fax: 801-851-7521

Welcome to the certification course for tanning operators. This course is designed to help you better understand the basic science behind changes that occur to the skin while tanning, the dangers that are inherent to the tanning process, and the responsibilities you and your facility have to your customers in protecting their health and safety.

The course consists of six sections. You are encouraged to proceed through the course beginning with Section One and ending with Section Six. However, any section can be accessed at any time. The course is followed by a quiz consisting of 35 questions. You must answer at least 25 questions correctly (71%) in order to pass the quiz. There is no time limit on completing the quiz. If you do not pass the quiz on the first try, you will need to return to the beginning and start again. There is no waiting period to re-take the quiz and the quiz can be taken unlimited times. The course and quiz are only valid for operators working in tanning facilities within Utah County. Other live or online courses from public or private entities are not considered valid by Utah County Health Department.

NOTE: You should completely read and understand all course sections before taking the quiz. Allowing others to take the quiz for you or providing quiz questions to others will result in denial of your certification.

Once you have completed the quiz, you will have the opportunity to print a confirmation form showing that you have passed the quiz. With this form you can then make payment and obtain your certificate one of 3 ways:

1. Fax the confirmation form along with credit card information to the health department.
2. Mail the confirmation form along with check or credit card information to the health department.
3. Bring the confirmation form along with cash, check or credit card to the health department.

In all cases, cost for the certificate is $20.00. Please include your name, gender and birth date. Credit card information may be phoned in if you prefer not to include it with a fax. Please allow approximately 5 working days before receiving your certificate. If you choose to bring in your confirmation form and make payment in person at the health department, your certificate will be issued to you at that time.

Please Begin By Following These Steps:
1. Click BEGIN COURSE button below to access course sections.
2. After completing course sections, click QUIZ button at bottom of last page.
3. Enter your full name and email address, then click “Take Quiz” button and complete quiz.
4. After completing quiz with a passing score, print confirmation form.
5. Make payment to health department per one of the options above.




















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