Information For UST Contractors
Environmental Health

Utah County Health Department oversees all UST installations, removals and upgrades within its county for DEQ. Notification and approval of all work is required by UCHD, as well as the DEQ. It is necessary for a UCHD inspector to be present during onsite work. Notification to UCHD must be made a minimum of three business days prior to beginning work.

UCHD also requires the submission of a permit/application form and fee prior to beginning work. Current fees include $210/tank for installations or removals and $85/tank for upgrades. The permitting/application form is available online at:

UST Permitting/Application Form

For additional information on the UST installation, removal and upgrading process in Utah County, contact the UCHD Division of Environmental Health at 801-851-7525 or the Utah Division of Environmental Response & Remediation, Underground Storage Tank Branch, at 801-536-4157.


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