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Environmental Health

Leak Detection /Cathodic Protection Requirements

Under Utah Administrative Code Title R311, an annual inspection of all active and temporarily closed underground petroleum storage tank facilities is required by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. Utah County Health Department assists the DEQ with these inspections. Two primary areas of concern are the focus of these inspections:

1. Leak detection from tanks and associated product piping, and

2. Cathodic (corrosion) protection of system metal components.

It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to maintain the system free of leaks and corrosion. It is also the responsibility of the owner/operator to perform any required technical testing of the system and maintain system records. The owner/operator has several options to ensure compliance of the facility’s system depending upon the system’s age, capacity and component materials.

The following reference sheets may be helpful in determining your system’s needs:Leak Detection/Cathodic Protection Requirements

UCHD also requires an annual fee for facility inspections. This fee is currently $20/tank and will be billed directly to the owner/operator at the beginning of each year.Deferrals may exist for part or all of the above requirements depending upon that system’s use and the type of product being contained.

If you believe your system may fall into this category, please contact the Utah County Division of Environmental Health at 801-851-7525 or the Utah Division of Environmental Response & Remediation, Underground Storage Tank Branch, at 801-536-4157 for more information.






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