Adult Treatment Services
Substance Abuse


General outpatient treatment is provided via contracts with community based providers and Foothill Outpatient Services, specializing in the treatment of substance abuse problems. Both Foothill Outpatient Services and Intermountain Institute Center for Cognitive Therapy provide adult general and intensive outpatient treatment. General outpatient treatment ranges from 1 to 8 hours per week and includes individual and group therapies, skills development, and case management services for practical problems of sober living. Intensive outpatient treatment ranges from 9 to 19 hours per week.

Because of the more intensive treatment needs of adult drug court clients, the Foothill Intensive Outpatient Services program was opened to provide day and evening options for clients with work, school and parenting obligations. This program can facilitate more frequent drug testing and transfers between other levels of care when necessary.

The 32 bed Foothill Residential Treatment facility was dedicated in October, 2000. The expanded and custom designed building allows for separate treatment of male and female clients addressing their unique treatment needs. It also allows for increased detoxification treatment capacity and the ability to conduct public meetings and self help groups while maintaining client confidentiality.

Several national studies show that up to 85% of inmates in jail/prison are there for a drug or alcohol related offense. The On-Unit Treatment Program, or OUT Program, is a substance abuse intervention program located in the Utah County Jail. The OUT program is a collaborative venture between the Utah County Division of Substance Abuse and the Utah County Security Center. Designed to target inmates with substance abuse problems, the OUT program combines substance abuse intervention with counseling for criminal thinking and behavior. Inmates of the Security Center may participate voluntarily or may be court ordered. There are separate tracks for both male and female inmates.

All adult services may be accessed by calling 801-851-7128