Adult DUI Education
Substance Abuse

  • In 2000, the State of Utah adopted the Prevention Research Institute Prime For Life (PRI) curriculum as the mandatory education program for individuals convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in the state of Utah.

    Upon court order, an individual would make an appointment for a Substance Abuse Evaluation at the Division of Substance Abuse Assessment Center at 151 South University Avenue, Suite 1500, Provo. An appointment can be made by calling 801-851-7128. Classes are 16 hours in length, and the cost is $200.

    Classes are offered three times per month. A class taught in Spanish is offered once per month. The class can be completed in one week.

  • Individuals who are referred to UCDSA for more than one DUI or other drug or alcohol related offense may be required to attend drug and alcohol treatment.