The Promise of Women and Families
Substance Abuse

The Promise of Women and Families, operated by the Utah County Division of Substance Abuse, exists to meet federal priorities for treatment of women and their families under the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment block grant. These priorities specify that pregnant women and I.V. drug users must receive highest priority for treatment.

Women in drug and alcohol treatment face unique barriers that must be overcome in order to enhance their chances to remain in treatment through completion. These needs include gender specific counseling, child care, primary health care, transportation, housing, education, and employment.

Accessing Services :

To access services, women must complete a Substance Abuse assessment at the Division of Substance Abuse Assessment and Education center. If they meet admission criteria for treatment, they may be referred to The Promise of Women and Families program. The Promise Program is a full spectrum treatment program for mothers with children. Mothers with the highest acuity attend The House of Hope, which, through a partnership with the Utah Alcoholism Foundation, provides a 90 day residential treatment for women and their children. Mothers with medium acuity attend the Promise Intensive Outpatient Program. This home-like setting provides a place for women to bring their children ages 0 - 6 years for treatment. Children are in therapeutic daycare and substance abuse prevention programs while mom is in treatment. Mothers with a low severity substance abuse problem attend the Promise General Outpatient Program, which encourages the women to become more self-sufficient through a community awareness approach.

To facilitate engagement and completion of treatment, two Promise program sites are in operation. The Orem office serves clients living north of Center Street in Provo. The Spanish Fork office serves clients living south of Center Street, Provo all the way to Santaquin.

The Promise Program provides case management services to co-ordinate, assess, and monitor the client's particular needs as well as link her to other programs and services available in the county. Gender specific counseling services are also provided as an integral part of the program.

Additional Services :

In partnership with the Department of Workforce Services, Promise Program clients may be offered employment, job training and health care. In certain cases a workforce services grant can be offered while the woman is undergoing drug treatment.

Staff members of The Promise of Women and Families program also interface with various state and county agencies in order to keep current on various programs which may benefit women with children.