Drug Offender Reform Act (D.O.R.A.)
Substance Abuse

Any individual who is a Utah County resident, and who is convicted of a felony offense after July 2, 2007 will be referred by the Fourth District Court to Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P) office in Provo, for a pre-sentence report prior to being sentenced for a felony.

A designated AP&P agent will then screen the individual referred to see if they meet eligibility criteria for the D.O.R.A. program, using the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R-R). Individuals who are sex offenders, have INS or U.S. Marshall holds, committed to prison, are currently in another substance abuse treatment program, or are parolees will be deemed ineligible for D.O.R.A.

If the individual's LSI-R-R score falls within the range of 16 to 35 and the individual indicates the use of drugs or alcohol, the individual will be referred immediately to the Utah County Division of Substance Abuse for a substance abuse evaluation through the D.O.R.A. program.

The D.O.R.A. program staff will then assess the individual and send the recommendation to AP&P who will then send it to the sentencing Judge as a part of the pre-sentence report and then they can be referred back to the D.O.R.A. program by their Judge.

The average length of a D.O.R.A. treatment episode is six to nine months. All individuals receiving treatment services through D.O.R.A. are required to pay toward the cost of their treatment but the client portion for all treatment services is calculated on a sliding fee scale based on federal poverty guidelines, income, and household size.

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