Youth Treatment Services
Substance Abuse

The goal of Youth Treatment Services is the placement/referral of at risk youth in an appropriate setting. This is done through an assessment process which includes the CASI (Comprehensive Adolescent Severity Inventory), a parent questionnaire, and interviews with youth and their parent/guardian. The assessment fee is $80.

After the assessment a recommendation may be made for a variety of services depending on the best care for the individual. These may include:

  • Early Intervention

    PRI Under 21 is a program designed to change actual drinking and drug use behaviors. PRI Under 21 is more than just an awareness program; it is a program designed to change behaviors using education coupled with a research based persuasion protocol.

    Youth who have not demonstrated severe use are referred to PRI Under 21 with the belief that we can stop destructive behavior before it is too late.

    Cost is $200.00

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

    Intensive and General outpatient treatment programs are designed to help adolescents discontinue the use/abuse of alcohol and other drugs and learn the life skills necessary to remain drug free.

    Outpatient services are provided by local private treatment providers under contract with the Division of Substance Abuse for these programs.

An individual referred to treatment may be involved in individual counseling, group therapy, educational groups, social skills/behavior modification groups, cognitive restructuring, family therapy, and drug screening.

The cost for all treatment services contracted through the Utah County Division of Substance Abuse are based on a sliding scale fee.

Science based prevention programs offered by the Division include Parents Who Care, Communities That Care, and the Prevention Research Institute's Prime for Life under age 21 curriculum for youth with drug and alcohol related legal charges.

We also support school district based programs such as Prevention Dimensions and Student Assistance Programs.