Prevention Services
Substance Abuse

  • EASY Program

Utah County provides training for all clerks and cashiers who sell alcohol for off-premise consumption. Eliminate Alcohol Sales to Youth (EASY) is effective in decreasing youth consumption by limiting the availability of alcohol. EASY trainings are generally offered twice a month. The cost is $10.00 per individual. Call 801-851-7127 for the next available class.

  • SHARP Survey

The prevention program assists in administering a survey to the youth of Utah County. The Student Health and Risk Prevention (SHARP) survey is a voluntary questionnaire given to those in grades 6,8, 10 and 12. The survey's purpose is to identify substance abuse trends among the Utah County youth. It also identifies specific risk and protective factors. A risk factor is defined as an influence that can push a youth toward engaging in a problem behavior. A protective factor is a measure of safety set in place to protect youth from a specific risk.

SHARP Survey

  • School-based Services

Prevention services in the schools are provided through contracts with each of the three Utah County school districts. Prevention Dimensions is the State Office of Education substance abuse prevention curriculum. For more information on prevention efforts in each of the school districts, contact your school district’s Prevention Specialist

  • Community Presentations

Presentations addressing topics such as community involvement, media literacy, research data, and specific substance abuse prevention strategies are available to anyone in Utah County at no cost. These presentations are research-based, specific to age groups and are effective in raising awareness in schools, churches, or businesses. For more information, contact the Utah County Division of Substance Abuse at 801-851-7127.

  • Community Resource Library

Our resource library is available to the public at no cost. Resource topics include alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, media literacy and violence prevention. For more information, call 801-851-7127.

  • SPF SIG Funding

The Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) provides funding specifically to Utah County to address alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes and prescription narcotics morbidity and mortality rates. This grant follows a 5-step, research-based process that empowers Utah County citizens to address substance abuse issues in their community.

  • Youth and Adult Prevention Services (DUI Education)

    PRI Under 21 - PRI is a risk reduction program that helps each person reduce risk for any type of alcohol or drug related problem. For details about the class or to register, call 801-851-7127.

    Adult PRI - For adults over the age of 21, call 801-851-7112.

  • Utah Valley Youth Council

The Utah Valley Youth Council consists of Utah County high school students. Members are dedicated to preventing substance abuse among their peers by promoting healthy and safe lifestyles. For more information or to become a member, call 801-851-7178 or 801-851-7176.

  • Family / Community Services

    Community Policing / Neighborhood Grants - This program provides mini-grants of up to $500.00 for community members to work together to improve their neighborhood. For information, call 801-851-7178.

    Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse