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Codes and Regulations

Environmental Health

Title Regulation or Code Number
Day Care Rules Utah Rule R710-8
Food Safety Manager Certification Utah Rule 392-101
Food Service Sanitation Utah Rule 392-100
Mobile Home Park Sanitation
Group Home Rules
Utah Rule 392-402
Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Utah Rule 392-510
Labor Camp Sanitation Utah Rule 392-501
Temporary Mass Gatherings Sanitation
Utah County Board of Health Signature Temporary Mass Gathering Regulation

Utah Rule 392-400
UCHD Resolution 14-01
Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools
Amend Utah County Health Department Regulation governing design, construction and operation of public pools, interactive water features (Regulation 0901)
Utah Rule 392-302
UCHD Resolution 14-04
Recreation Camp Sanitation Utah Rule 392-300
Indoor Tanning Bed Sanitation
Utah County Commerical Tanning Facilities
Utah Rule 392-700
UCHD Regulation 2010-01
Environmental Quality, Environmental Response and Remediation (Underground Storage Tanks) Utah Administrative Code R311
Onsite Wastewater Systems Utah Rule 317-004
Approval of Nonpublic Water Systems UCHD Regulation 16-01
Regulation for Household Hazardous Waste UCHD Regulation 16-02
Rules for Waste Disposal By Liquid Scavenger Operations Utah Rule 317-550
Vehicle Emissions Inspection/Maintenance Program Utah County Ordinance 2014-15
Design, Construction, Operation, Sanitation, and Safety of Schools Utah Rule 392-200

Personal and Community Health (Nursing)

Title Regulation or Code Number
School & Early Childhood Program Immunization Requirements
Utah Department of Health
Utah County


Utah Rule 396-100
Immunization Schedule (Recommendations) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Travel Vaccines (Recommendations) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Suggested Medical or Sick Policy for Exclusion from School/Day Care

Utah County Health Department


Title Regulation or Code Number
Utah Indoor Clean Air Act Utah Rule 392-510
Utah County County Board of Health Regulation on Smoking in Outdoor Public Places UCHD Regulation
Regulation of retail tobacco specialty business Utah Code 10-8-41.6
Utah Code 17-50-333
Regulation: Retail Sales of E-cigarettes, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Paraphernalia and E-liquid, and the Manufacturing of E-Liquid UCHD Regulation

Vital Statistics (birth and death)

Title Regulation or Code Number
Utah Vital Statistics Act Utah Code 26-2
Burial of the Indigent Dead Utah County Code Article 2-6

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