The Voluntary Declaration of Paternity (VDP) allows unmarried parents to legally declare
the paternity (fatherhood) of their child without obtaining a court order. When filed with the Department of Health, the VDP creates a legal parent-child relationship between the biological father and the child.

The Voluntary Declaration of Paternity is a legal document.  Signing the legal document gives you certain rights and responsibilities under Utah law. Signing the document is voluntary.  If you are not sure that the man named on the VDP is the biological father of the child, you should not sign this form. You may want to have genetic tests. Genetic tests are FREE through the Office
of Recovery Services ORS if you apply for child support services, or you may obtain genetic tests through private companies at your own expense.
*If the biological father or the mother is under the age of 18, the VDP must also be signed by his or her parent or guardian.

*Once signed, either parent may rescind within 60 days by contacting the State Office of Vital Records, 801-538-6105.

IMPORTANT: Before signing a VDP, you must receive verbal notice and view the “Power of Two”  video which is available on this webpage or in the Vital Records office. You must also receive written notice  of the legal consequences of signing the VDP, the rights and responsibilities that arise from signing the VDP, and alternatives to signing a VDP. To listen to the verbal presentation, DIAL 1-877-866-5332. Select options 2, then 6. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.

“Power of Two”  Paternity Matters
“El Poder De Dos” Paternity Matters

 For further questions contact your local Health Department:

Vital Records
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or call 801-851-7526

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